Videshe Vaanprasth

Chandu Mattani

Having lived in various countries for more than six decades, Chandu Mattani of Leicester-UK is more of an institution than an individual. His love for music and literature combined with his business acumen has earned him a place of great respect in the hearts of leading personalities in the fields of art, literature and sport. In this wholehearted conversation he shares his memories and the wisdom he has gained through his life-experiences.

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  1. દરેક હાથીના ગંડસતડ મા મોતી હોતું નથિ
    તેમ દરેક વ્યક્તિ ચંદૂમામા જેવા ન બની શકે
    આતો લાખોમાં એક છે. જ્ઞાનનો સાગર 🙏

  2. Very nice, While writing this I clearly see your face of our childhood we are proud of your achievemenys and your devotion to achieve your dream in the field of music. Jay Sri Krishna

  3. I appreciate culture activity educating society as whole
    . I would like to associat with your institution.
    Thanks. 🙏

  4. This can be listened to for knowledge, learning and how to live an exemplary life. We were extremely fortunate to have spent time with both of them and later spend two days at their home. We are not artists but the invitation and hospitality left nothing to desire. EVERYONE in the family was very accommodating. We salute Heman’s and his family for continuing the tradition and great efforts to save music & culture for all especially for those of us who transplanted all over the world to savor . Generation gaps will always occur but how WE try to bridge it ? Chandubhai’s words on that are a good lesson.
    We encourage you to digitize your photographs and writings at the earliest. Please . Our seccessive generations need such history to go back to their root.

    Hopefully we will meet again.

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